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#wedontdopretty - if you're looking for frilly, lacy underwear, you will not find it here! Our mission has always been to supply super sexy lingerie for curvy women! If you want lace and ribbons there are plenty of online stores you can visit however, if you want erotic wet look lingerie, dominatrix clothing, open bust and open crotch lingerie, yay, you are in the right place. You can also find ranges of health products, make up, fragrances, tanning products and hair solutions too by visiting our partner sites such as using the link below.


By the same token, we don't do cheap and nasty either. There is a plethora of cheap far eastern lingerie on auction sites in the UK and they look great value on immediate inspection. A babydoll for £5 with free delivery with the same picture as a Shirley of Hollywood, can't be? Yes you're right, it can't be. The item you receive will more than likely not fit a size 10, will be made from scratchy cheap fabric, will not be fire resistant and take weeks to arrive if it ever does! We only supply quality branded products, stocked in our warehouse which you can receive the next day. There are benefits to buying cheap, but in our experience buying cheap lingerie is a no-no. If you want to feel sexy and glam, buy a genuine well made, well fitting item of lingerie. There are a few of us lingerie sellers left in the UK who value quality over quantity!


Curvaceous Beauties is a family run company based in Hertfordshire in the UK. We have sold online since 2006 and consider ourselves experts in the plus size lingerie field. We now only supply clothing which is available up to a size 34 (with the exception of bodystockings) which we are assured by most of our customers, are hard to find.

We welcome both ladies and gentlemen of all sizes and ages and you can be assured, when shopping with us, of a private and discreet service.


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