Curvaceous Book Club

Now Christmas is over for another year the team here at Curvaceous are keen to get back into our book club meetings. As well as working together we also like to have fun going out as a group but we also really enjoy a good book!

With a leaning towards historical novels, with the occasional autobiography or crime novel, we while away a few hours with a good glass of red and a cream cake or two - oops sorry meant green salad there obviously! Here are some of our best reads of 2018 - 2019 is set to be just as busy too hopefully.


Becoming - Michelle Obama

Off piste to our usual book club fair this fascinating insight into America's former first lady is just wonderful. We expected lots of political insights and lots about her husband Barrack, which of course there is, but it's more her own story about her poor but happy childhood in Chicago and her wonderful warm, funny and supporting family. Her amazing work ethic from a very young age and her journey to Princeton and eventually Harvard. Her young work life as a highly paid lawyer and her eventual realisation (stemmed from when she met Barrack but was always there in her) that she wanted to use her amazing education and her good heart to champion causes for those less fortunate than herself. The Obama's rise to the White House and term in office. I will say no more as I don't want to give away too many spoilers but it had us laughing and crying along with her. We had no idea she was such a funny, emotional, wonderful woman and she will stay in our hearts for a long time.

Curvaceous Stars = 5/5 Top Book Of The Year


Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Well this book had us in stitches and scared all at once. We actually did this one the wrong way round. Most of us had seen the film and then read the book in our book club but I don't think that detracted from the book. In fact a few of us have re-read the book as we couldn't quite believe the story matter. Basically it's about Amy - a New York princess and a pretty horrible b**ch. She falls in love, or at least he does with her, the lovely Nick (played by the gorgeous Ben Affleck in the film). They both see their marriage very differently. Nick sees Amy as a coniving, uncompromising woman who has been spoilt by her parents (they made their money by writing a series on the childhood of Amy - their princess) and Amy sees Nick as an agressive, idle, moody husband who doesn't really like to work too hard.

The story takes a turn when she disappears and all eyes are on Nick as he offers a strange lop sided smile at a press conference about his lovely wife going missing and the police take another look at Nick. Could he be the worried husband he is making out? Anyway, it twists and turns like a 'twisty turny thing' as we say in our house and the end is a total twist (love a good twisted ending) and it's not quite what you think. I think the film portayed the book well actually for once. Don't miss this one, it's a page turner.

Curvaceous Stars = 5/5 One Of The Best